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If this doesn't impress you, nothing will. Introducing SHADE

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The Shading system of the Future!

Rolling in the sail and the required fabric tension are combined in a simple way. If the sail is unwound from the fabric roller, the tension cords are wound up by rotating cord cones. The tension cord and sail remain taut in every position. Operation is very easy!  SHADE can be rolled out independently within seconds, and it can be rolled in just as quickly and effortlessly using the control cord, which can then be easily fastened.

With our innovative SHADE we enable sun and shade where you want it. SHADE combines the advantages of an awning system with the lightness and elegance of a sun sail - and it offers an incredible price-performance ratio.

Whether terrace, patio, roof garden, outdoor dining area, balcony, pool shading or courtyard covering, thanks to the modular structure, almost any desired area can be shaded with SHADE. Almost every challenge can be solved with an extensive range of systems and accessories.

SHADE fabric is made of high-strength polyester with a PU coating on both sides. The fabric's low surface weight harmonises perfectly with the way the system works. The specially developed fabric impresses with its very good UV and water pressure resistance. All fabrics used have a UPF value of 50+.

  • Can be installed on almost any façade (e.g. also on insulated façades)

  • Fabric has extremely good self-cleaning power

  • Patented winding system minimizes dirt accumulation

  • Easy rolling in and out without any effort

  • Optimal rain protection through waterproof membrane

  • No water pockets due to self-draining membrane suspension from an 8-degree incline

  • Little installation effort

  • Also ideal for under-glass designs 

  • Width up to 20 Feet / projection up to 20' Feet 

  • Also possible as a free-standing version without wall connection (SHADECUBE )

Thanks to the rolling protective roof, the cover unit of your SHADE is weatherproof all year round. The canopy is attached directly to the sail connection rail as well as to the fabric unit, so it is automatically protected by surrounding aluminum slats when it is rolled in. Of course, we not only pay attention to the effective use, but also to the appearance - this is why our rolling canopy is available in three colors.

Please note that the rolling canopy is only possible with wall mounting!


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Attach to wall Shade


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Free Standing Shade

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