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expand your outdoors...

We offer the very best in retractable roof systems. This product can protect you from the wind and rain, block harmful UV rays and keep you cool and comfortable in the brightest sunshine. Our systems combines the beauty of a pergola, the flexibility of a retractable awning, and the warmth and comfort of a room addition.

We can cover a small deck, a large patio, or an expansive pavilion. The optional hood keeps debris from collecting in the fabric when it is retracted, which is available on all models. The blackout fabric blocks 100% of damaging and uncomfortable UV light and heat, keeps the rainwater off your head, and prevents the shadow lines that appear below from environmental pollution that can settle on the top side. Create a “retractable room” with optional “zip” drop curtains in the front and on the sides underneath a fixed fabric gable wing. The curtains can operate manually with a gear or be motorized. Put sun-screen mesh in the drop curtains, or use vinyl fabric with crystal-clear windows. 

Each project is custom taylored to meet your needs, call us today for a free consultation

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