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Extendable Sun Shade

Unlike anything else on the market, Glide Shades delivers big on both performance and style. Sleek and durable, Glide Shades feature  aluminium parts and stainless steel fixings to give a premium appearance that will complement any property. Made of mesh fabric that has an openness factor of just 10%, giving exceptional UV protection as well as allow rain to drain through properly, and comes in a wide range of modern colors.

Manufactured from the best quality materials, Glide Shades can be extended and retracted quickly and easily so you can enjoy the open feel or have the shade exactly when they want it.

Custom-made shades

Every Glide Shade system is custom-made to order, ensuring a perfect fit over any outdoor space. Customers can choose how much billow the shade has, and how low the billows hang. They can also specify how close the spars are (spars are the aluminium cross bars that holds the fabric out). 

Standard Glide Shades run on two wire cables. We recommends that each Glide Shade come standard 5' wide or less, by 20' long, however if you require a larger size we can custom make those for you.  If you are covering a large area, it is better to have multiple units or two side by side. Larger shades can be manufactured with three cable wires. Contact the Glide Shade design team to discuss your project specifications. 

Glide Shades can be fitted to existing pergolas, outdoor framework, wood or steel beams, structures, posts and houses. The key to a good installation is to get the wire cables really tight, Glide Shades should therefore be attached to a strong structure.

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