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Looking for the right hardware for you next shade sail project? We offer the highest quality on tension hardware as well as other brackets.

Post Deck Brackets.JPG

This new bracket system is designed for lower cost and easier installation of smaller shade sails on wood decks or concrete patios. Using a locally sourced 4” x 4” or 4” x 6” wooden post and eye bolt, this system will enable the customer to install cantilevered attachments without the need for digging holes or pouring concrete footing. Will also fit metal posts or round posts. 

Deck Post Bracket System

$350.00 a set

Shade Sail Roof riser by Skylift Hardware


Roof top Post for installing Shade Sails above the roof line.
The SSK-18 is an innovative, elegant solution designed to elevate a Shade Sail above an existing structure’s roof.  The SSK-18 is engineered to hold a 500lb direct load, 1,500 lb. indirect load and 1,000 lb. uplift.
The SkyLift SSK-18 is installed by cutting through the existing roof, bolting it to the structure’s exterior weight bearing wall and sealing with a standard plumbing pipe boot flashing.  (flashing not included)
The higher attachment alows for more height change for those great 3 dimenional Shade Sail shapes.

Includes: 1 ea. SSK-18, 8 ea. Simpson SDS attachment screws, instruction sheet

$199.99 ea

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